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On Site Level 3 First Aid at Work Training Courses

Level 3 First Aid at Work Training

Emergency Kit

This comprehensive 3 day course is for people intending to act as a First Aider at Work. The course is designed to provide the First Aider with the skills necessary to give effective life support, diagnose and treat injuries or illness, and maintain care and comfort of the casualty. With an emphasis on dealing with life threatening situations and keeping the casualty alive until professional help arrives.

Our instructors deliver dynamic courses that relate the subjects being taught to relevant real life situations, which makes our training more applicable to your first aiders. The course is designed to offer a practical, hands-on approach that delivers the skills and confidence for when a real life situation arises.

Course Location

Our courses are designed for 3 - 12 people and for your convenience are run on site at your premises. If you do not have a venue available please contact us as we can often arrange a suitable training room in your area.

We offer courses in

Nottingham, Newark, Mansfield, Chesterfield
Derby, Castle Donington, Leicester, Loughborough
and surrounding areas

Assessment and Certification

The certificates are valid for three years and must be renewed before the certificate expires. Certificates can be renewed by attending a 2 day training course.

The HSE recommend that all first aiders at work attend a 3 hour refresher course annually, to ensure that they are up to date with procedures and to reduce the level of first aid skill fade.

All students will undertake an assessment throughout the course.

Pain and injury treatment Emergency CPR

Course Overview

Day 1 - Emergency First Aid in the workplace

Cardiopulmanary Resuscitation
Recovery Position inc Management of Seizure
External Bleeding and Hypovolaemic Shock
Minor Injuries

Day 2 - Management of Illness and Injury in the workplace

Respiratory System
Chest Injuries
Asthma & Hyperventilation
Circulatory System
Wounds and Bleeding Extras
Eye Injuries
Angina & Heart Attack
Stroke - Brain Attack
Burns and Scalds

Day 3 - Management of Illness and Injury in the workplace

CPR Recap / Practise
Skeletal System
Fractures / Dislocations
Sprains and Strains
Spinal Injuries
Head Injuries
Secondary Survey

Poster & Course Overview